What We Do

Cinnos Mission Critical deploys both pre-configured and custom designed data centre hardware, that allows client organizations of any size to manage costs while reducing complexity and build times. By providing well tested and highly scalable solutions, Cinnos allows their clients to better adapt to the rapid changes in their organization’s computing needs.

Cinnos Reduces Capital Outlay

The data centre is a mission critical component for most organizations, yet the design, construction and operation of data centres has become prohibitively expensive. Organizations need a way to house their computing equipment without breaking the bank.

Cinnos Reduces Deployment Time

Long build times and tight capital also result in poor capital utilization, marketing delays and even customer losses. Modern organizations need to deploy computing resources quickly to capitalize on market opportunity.

Cinnos Solution is Highly Scalable

The internet age and social networks are causing rapid, even viral growth for ideas and organizations and data centres that can scale to meet demand allows organizations to participate in markets that take advantage of trends. Areas such as cloud computing, finance and entertainment have all been beneficiaries of this rapid growth.

Cinnos Reduces Complexity

Computing infrastructure requires comprehensive knowledge of complex mechanical, electrical and computing systems. Configurations that are tested and managed reduce uncertainty, both for quality of service and operating budgets.